Access Control Systems And Card Readers

A Key Component To Protecting Your Business

Premier Security in Houston, TX

Premier Security offers effective, reliable, real-time Access Control Systems to fit any company; large or small. Our Access Control Solutions provide centralized management of your facilities. By monitoring and restricting entry, you do more than protect valuable assets and sensitive areas from theft and damage - you can actually run your business more securely, efficiently and profitably. Our sophisticated access control solutions ensure that the people with access to valuable assets, inventory, or restricted areas are those authorized. You will also increase employee safety, performance and accountability while reducing response time to alarms.

Benefits of an Access Control System

  • Protection - Protect your employees from unwanted visitors by controlling access into your facility.
  • Access Management - Manage who is entering your business at what time and control who has access to secure areas. Set permanent restrictions or have timed schedules for access and even run reports to monitor unusual behavior.
  • Building Management - Automatically unlock doors by day and time, including special holiday schedules. Reduce labor costs and allow deliveries to be made securely after hours.
  • Access Management - Eliminate costs associated with replacing lost or stolen keys by remotely deactivating access cards, deeming them unusable.
  • Remote Control - Access your facility remotely by logging in and controlling the doors, like temporarily unlocking a door for entry. Also add, remove and set boundaries for your users remotely.
  • Reporting - Run and maintain a variety of reports including which employee entered which area and when.